My name is May Carroll. The Moss & Green is a Japanese kokedama bonsai studio I founded in Brooklyn, N.Y.

You are probably familiar with bonsai “dwarfed plant” arrangements—a traditional Japanese art form now famous throughout the world.

But what are Kokedama?

These are a style of bonsai using moss balls. The Moss & Green specializes in the creation of original Kokedama arrangements.

I was born and raised in Japan, and later I lived in Hawaii for a few years. So you can say that I grew up with nature all around me—imbibing the Japanese aesthetic as well as the spirit of aloha in two of the most beautiful places on earth.

That’s why even after moving to New York City, I made sure to surround myself with plants at home. You see, here in NYC there might be concrete everywhere, but I simply couldn’t live without nature by my side.

I’ve studied design and worked as a creative director in NYC, So when my Japanese mom taught me how to make Kokedama and explained the Zen spirit behind the practice, I immediately began thinking how teaching the art of moss ball bonsai could be used to help people understand Japanese culture and better appreciate and preserve nature. That was my motivation for starting The Moss & Green.

What began as a hobby has become my mission. In Japan’s native religion of Shinto, individuals and nature, past and present, the human and the divine, all are as one. That feeling is enhanced by the Zen aesthetic stressing appreciation of the moment, summed up in the phrase: Ima, Koko. (“Now, here.”)

Creating and nourishing Kokedama can help a person experience a newborn love for nature, and a desire to pass that love on to other people.

The result is a circle of love can start spreading out from a small Kokedama bonsai. Learning to care for your own Kokedama can add brightness and happiness to your daily lifestyle and remind you of your ties to nature.

These bonsai are easy to fashion and care for and make great gifts. Show your love for Mother Nature, and show your love for others with kokedama.

Learn about the fascinating art of kokedama at The Moss & Green. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!